Peter E. Olsen


This page shows some art I've created over the years, arranged in chronological order, from traditional artwork to graphic design. I've selected samples that represent a wide range of mediums. I believe it's important to have an artistic foundation built on the basic principles of design and composition. Training in traditional art teaches essential concepts and techniques adaptable to any art form including graphics and environments for game, animation, and web applications.

A group of planets hand-drawn in colored pencil.

An apple painted in watercolors with felt pen for the dot shading.

Still Life
A still life done in oil pastels.

Still Life
A still life hand-drawn in charcoal.

Desert Scene
Desert scene made using the drawing tool in Adobe Flash. (Click image to enlarge.)

Graphic Art
Poster style advertisement made with Adobe Illustrator CS4. (Click image to enlarge.)

Anything you can envision, I can create!

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