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In my early teens I began creating new levels and cinematics for a computer game called Chex Quest, an action game originally produced for General Mills as a cereal promotion. This game uses a modified version of the DOOM engine, which required me to learn FraggleScript. I became known as the resident FraggleScript expert after pushing the limit for what could be done with that scripting language.

Reflection 1

These screenshots are from the new levels that I created, called Newmaps.
(Click on a picture to make the image larger.)

Episode I - The Flemoids Invade 2.0 Episode II - Slime Central Water Maze Prison

Episode III - I Took the Wrong Portal Episode IV - It Wasn't a BBQ Sniper Scope Episode IV - City

The following screenshots are from the Idiotic Jones series of secret levels.

Idiotic Jones and the Temple of Chex

The Temple of Chex Wooden Bridge 2

Idiotic Jones and the Last Lemonade

Idiotic Jones III - Jungle Idiotic Jones III - Cave

Below are a couple of maps showing the layout of the levels.


Gman Map E3M9 Map

Praise for Newmaps

"I just tried Newmaps episode 3, and that episode is CRAZY I TELL YOU, CRAZY! Good job. You freaked the heck out of me." -mob720

"I played the new levels and they were GOOD! I was especially amazed at e3m7 and e3m8. Great work!" -Damien

"A fine bit of mapping if i do say so myself...You did an excellent job!" -Dvader0086

"Map E1M8 was AWESOME. Great job man, keep it up!" -since5

"The levels are very intricate, and everytime I play them, I get a feeling of nostalgia. They FEEL like CQ. Like the original. Cartooney, yet deadly serious." -Loremaster

C-Man Music Video

This is an extended cut scene (2:47) that I shot in various levels of Newmaps.
It won First Place in the 2009 Chex Quest Fan Forums Holiday Video Contest.

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