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"There stood a tower of marvellous shape. It was fashioned by the builders of old, who smoothed the Ring of Isengard, and yet it seemed a thing not made by the craft of Men, but riven from the bones of the earth in the ancient torment of the hills. A peak and isle of rock it was, black and gleaming hard: four mighty piers of many-sided stone were welded into one, but near the summit they opened into gaping horns, their pinnacles sharp as the points of spears, keen-edged as knives. Between them was a narrow space, and there upon a floor of polished stone, written with strange signs, a man might stand five hundred feet above the plain." - J.R.R. Tolkien's description of Orthanc

Several years ago, I thought it would be fun to make a LEGO model of Orthanc, the big black tower from The Lord of the Rings that Saruman resides in. (Many people say the tower is called Isengard, but it's not. Isengard is the area around the tower.) It contains over 4,000 black LEGO bricks, weighs 20 pounds, and stands 4.5 feet tall. Reflection 5

Orthanc. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Saruman Gandalf Gandalf, stuck at the top. A close up of Saruman, standing at the door.

LEGO Isengard
I took a shot of Isengard from The Lord of the Rings movie and using Photoshop, placed my LEGO version of Orthanc on it.

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