Peter E. Olsen


LEGO Orthanc - Several years ago, I thought it would be fun to make a LEGO model of Orthanc, the big black tower from The Lord of the Rings that Saruman resides in. I used over 4,000 black LEGO bricks to build it. The structure weighs 20 pounds and stands 4.5 feet tall. Click here to view some pictures including a spectacular Photoshop version.

Homemade PC - For my high school senior science project, my dad challenged me to build a computer. He gave me a budget and I designed a system with my specific needs in mind. This required researching computer hardware, deciding what to purchase, ordering the parts, and then putting it all together. I wrote a how-to guide based on my experience. Click here to download my illustrated report. Reflection 5

3D Studio Max - In the Fall of 2011, I took three 3D Studio Max classes: Modeling, Materials, and Animation. These classes introduced me to the interface and navigation within the 3DS Max environment as well as basic modeling, lighting, texturing, animation and rendering techniques. Click here to view some samples of my work.

PC, LEGO or 3D Model... I can build it!

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